Bitcoin tops in Google search for 2018, 2019 get ready now

January 30th, 2019 9:00 am
Bitcoin tops in Google search

Google tracks a huge amount of data, and makes some of it available through Google Trends. Bitcoin has topped the lists for Google's "Year in Search". 2018 was a big year for Bitcoin with lots of investors in the bear market, as suggested by Google trends.

What Is Bitcoin?

The mainstream media has a lot to say about Bitcoin which could this have helped to increase search trends. Google Trends for "What is Bitcoin" the #1 search for the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

"How to buy Bitcoin?" was the #6 in Australia and #8 in the US. Being in the top 10 suggests people wanting to find out how to buy.

Bitcoin Price

"Bitcoin price" was #9 in Australia. Watching the crypto price go up or down is also an indication that people are interested in buying.

2018 Google trends show people looking to learn about Bitcoin and buy from a trusted platform.

If you didn't you get the most from crypto in 2018 you missed out. But now is the right time to make sure you don't miss out for trading in 2019, take action now.
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